Cửa Dương

Jungle, Beaches, & Pepper Farms

Cửa Dương Phú Quốc

Centrally located Cửa Dương has the most varied terrain on Phu Quoc Island: tropical rain forests, rugged mountains, fertile valleys, rushing rivers, multiple waterfalls, inviting ocean beaches, and the island districts largest lake.

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Xã Cửa Dương


About Cửa Dương Commune

Just north of Phu Quoc's capital lies Cua Duong Commune, the center core of Phu Quoc Island with a total area of 187 square kilometers, representing over 30% of the total land mass of Phu Quoc District.

In this large and diverse region you will find a rocky coastline with a few beaches, dense jungle, numerous streams, cattle ranches, and vegetable farms.


The commune is home to eight smaller towns known as “hamlets”, which are: Khu Tượng, Búng Gội, Cây thông trong, Cây thông ngoài, Gành Gió, Bến Tràm, Suối Cát, Ông Lang.

Ong Lang Phu Quoc

Ông Lang

Ong Lang is Cua Duong's main hub.  It is here where you will find the bulk of the resorts, bars, restaurants, and shops.

Ganh Gio

Gành Gió

The first hamlet north of Duong Dong along highway DT45.  Here you will find some garden resorts and hotels located right behind a small mountain that bears the same name – Nui Ganh Gio.  If you are just passing through via motorbike, there is a gas station in this area where you can fuel up.

Búng Gội

Búng Gội is the area around Búng Gội road, which is lined with small homes and villas.  Traveling east on this road will take you to the Khu Tuong area.  This area is a great place to find an apartment if you are planning on living in Phu Quoc.

vietnam pepper

Khu Tượng

Khu Tượng is located in between two small mountains – Nui Ong Lang & Nui Khu Tuong – just off of Búng Gội road, a small side road branching off of highway DT45.  Here you will find numerous pepper farms, vegetable farms, and garden villas. 

waterfall chicken in saigon

Cây Thông Trong

Ấp Cây Thông Trong is another residential area located far wast of highway DT45 just south of the Phu Quoc National Park protected zone.  If you are an expat living on Phu Quoc, this area is a great place to buy fresh chicken.

duong dong beach phu quoc island

Cây Thông Ngoài

Cây Thông Ngoài is Cua Duongs largest residential area located east of the Nguyen Trung Truc Highway, a road which will take you to Bai Thom Commune.

open dipterocarp forest phu quoc national park

Bến Tràm

Bến Tràm is Phu Quoc's most remote hamlet located in the far eastern section of the commune just south of the Chop Chai mountain.


novotel phu quoc resort beach

Bãi Ông Lang

Its crystalline water and silky stretch of sand makes this enticing beach a popular place to visit or even stay. Ong Lang Beach is the quieter more mature version of Bai Truong.  Bai Ong Lang also has numerous boutique shops where you can find items you forgot to bring with e.g. sunscreen to high end clothing retailers.  Credit cards are accepted at most stores.


cua can beach

Bãi Biển Cửa Cạn

The Cua Can Beach is a small windswept stretch of beach that is divided by the Cua Can River.  For the most part it still remains a wild beach, but that will change very soon.


dinh ba ong lang phu quoc temple

Dinh Bà Ông Lang

The Dinh Ba Temple is located next to Ong Lang Beach in Ap Ong Lang. Dinh Ba is a seaside temple that pays homage to the local hero Nguyen Trung Truc. Both admission and entrance are free.  The relics here are very nice. Once you pass the main gate you will see a lot of various different religious statues such as Lady Buddha and Nguyen Trung Truc.

da ban stream pool

Suoi Da Ban Stream

A lush welcoming oasis of green in the center of Cua Duong commune with numerous small waterfalls, streams, natural pools, rickety suspension bridges and wildlife.

Amid the lush scenery is a stream carved out of granite rock forming a blend of unusual geology, mild climate, rare flowers and abundant wildlife.  The Suoi Da Ban is linked with the islands largest fresh water lake- Duong Dong, which provides fresh water to the islands inhabitants.

phu quoc island pepper

Khu Tuong Pepper Farm

At the based of the mountains found on both sides of DT45 highway you will find a few pepper farms which you can tour.  Most of these farms also sell fresh pepper.

duong dong lake

Duong Dong Lake

Phu Quoc Islands largest lake and freshwater reservoir.  It is a restricted area, however if you can find a guide he/she can arrange for a boat trip across this lake to Suoi Da Ngon stream and waterfall which are nearby.

duong dong dam

Duong Dong Dam

The dam next to Duong Dong Lake.  What is unique about this dam is that you can read the signage from space… well almost.  The dam is a restricted area as well.


la veranda phu quoc resort pool

Mövenpick Resort Phu Quoc

The Mövenpick Resort Phu Quoc is a fully integrated (Vietnam's first) beach-front luxury hotel complex located right on Ong Lang Beach. This luxurious and well designer resort has 250 hotel rooms, 100 residences and villas with pools. The Mövenpick Resort Phu Quoc is a unique resort that also features a shopping village, water park and lagoon-style pool, destination spa, beach side wedding and special events, 1,000-square-meter convention area, amphitheater, cooking school, beach club, kids club, water sports center, fitness center and an adventure and team building activity course for businesses.

luxury salinda resort on phu quoc island

Sea Sense Phu Quoc Resort & Spa

The Sea Sense Resort Phu Quoc is a boutique resort that has gorgeous beach front extending from Ong Lang Beach, just north of Duong Dong Town. Its collection of suites, villas, and excellent restaurant make it a resort apt for both business and leisure.  The friendly staff are ready to assist you with virtually all your needs during your stay and offer that touch of genuine opulence that you get at Sea Sense Resort. An expansive swimming pool serves as a centerpiece surrounded by villas, each boasting a wealth of Vietnamese art and inspired designs.






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