Cửa Dương

Jungle, Beaches, & Pepper Farms

Cửa Dương Phú Quốc

Centrally located Cửa Dương has the most varied terrain on Phu Quoc Island: tropical rain forests, rugged mountains, fertile valleys, rushing rivers, multiple waterfalls, inviting ocean beaches, and the island districts largest lake.

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Press play and watch us spot hornbills in Commune.


Xã Cửa Dương


About Cửa Dương Commune



Bai Truong Tourist Complex

Bãi Trướng Tourist Complex

Bãi Trướng is a 1,265 hectare mixed residential and tourism complex located around the airport.  It is Phu Quoc's busiest beach resort area with thousands of resorts, hotels, hostels, and guesthouses spread along its western coast.  The name "Bai Truong" applies to the area as well as to the islands most popular beach — Truong Beach, also commonly referred to as "Long Beach" in English.

Long Beach village on Phu Quoc

Long Beach Village

Long Beach Village is the backpacker capital of Phu Quoc Island.  It is a densely packed area with bars, discos, cheap hotels and the areas only public beach access point.  Here you can arrange for tours, do your laundry, rent a motorbike or a SUP board, and more.

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Bà Kèo

A small coastal area just north of Long Beach Village where you will find some resorts and bars.

Cua Lap

Cửa Lấp

The area just south of Long Beach Village which has some of the islands older beach resorts and newer boutique garden resorts located in the communes interior.  There are also a few great restaurants located just off Tran Hung Dao Road worth exploring.

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Suối Mây

Located in the interior, just north east of the airport and Highway DT47.  Suoi May is near the islands local cemetery – Nghia Trang Nhan Dan and just south off the Dien Tien mountain.  Suối Mây is an heavily forested area that has a few homes and shops.

Suoi Lon Phu Quoc

Suối Lớn

A mixed commercial-residential area on the eastern side of Phu Quoc that is further being developed.

Vinh Dam Phu Quoc

Vịnh Đầm

Despite its industrious roots, Vinh Dam is transforming into a multi-purpose port complex called Khu Phức Hợp Vịnh Đầm, which will be ready by 2025.

Sonasea Villas and Resort Phu Quoc Island Vietnam

Đường Bào

Đường Bào - Just south of the airport you will find this hamlet which is home to a few mega luxury resorts and villas.


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Bai Ong Long

Its crystalline water and silky stretch of sand makes this enticing beach a popular place to visit or even stay. Ong Lang Beach is the quieter more mature version of Bai Truong.


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Bãi Biển Cửa Cạn

The Cua Can Beach is a small stretch of beach that is divided by the Cua Can River. You can observe this beach by going to the Chez Carole Resort & Restaurant or by navigating your way through Cua Can Town.

Bai Dam Beach on Phu Quoc Island

Bãi Đầm Beach

This yellow sand wind swept beach is reached on foot from the base of the Ho Quoc Pagoda. It’s a great place to swim and suntan and you will mostly be the only ones here.


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Dinh Bà Ông Lang

 - The Dinh Ba Temple is located next to Ong Lang Beach in Ong Lang, Phu Quoc approximately 7km north of Duong Dong Town. Dinh Ba is a seaside temple that pays homage to the local hero Nguyen Trung Tru. Both admission and entrance is free .

The Dinh Ba Temple is located next to Ong Lang Beach in Ong Lang, Phu Quoc approximately 7 km north of Duong Dong Town. Dinh Ba is a seaside temple that pays homage to the local hero Nguyen Trung Tru. Both admission and entrance is free.  The relics here are very nice. Once you pass the main gate you will see a lot of various different religious statues such as Lady Buddha and Nguyen Trung Truc.

 - A lush welcoming oasis of green in the center of Cua Duong commune with numerous small waterfalls, streams, natural pools, and wildlife.

Amid the lush scenery is a stream carved out of granite rock forming a blend of unusual geology, mild climate, rare flowers and abundant wildlife.  The Suoi da an is linked with the islands largest fresh water lake- Duong Dong, which provides fresh water to the islands inhabitants.

Da Ban Stream (also known as Suối Đá Bàn or Da Ban Waterfall or Table Rock Stream) is a stream that originates from the Ham Ninh mountain range and is situated close to Duong Dong Lake in Cửa Dương Phu Quoc.

Shopping – Bai Ong Lang has numerous boutique shops where you can find items you forgot to bring with e.g. sunscreen to high end clothing retailers.  Credit cards are accepted at most stores.

simson factory phu quoc

Suoi Da Ban Stream

Learn how Sim Wine is made and then buy some.  Sim Wine is a locally produce product unique to Phu Quoc.

phu quoc island museum


The islands natural history is preserved in this private collection. The museum doubles as a resort that also has a restaurant. 

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Phu Quoc Marina

A coastal area spanning 155 hectares around a few luxury beach resorts that has a sailing club, developed waterfront, restaurants, and shops.  The Phu Quoc Marina will be ready by 2020.

Pearl Farm

Numerous pearl farms have established themselves on the southern section of Bai Truong with most offering demonstrations on how pearls are harvested. Visitor can also purchase pearl jewelry from their in house showrooms. If you join one the islands discovery tours, there is a good chance that the tour operators will stop off here as they earn a commission if you buy something.

buddha at su muong pagoda phu quoc

Hung Long Tu

A fantastic Buddhist temple complex set next to the Dien Tien mountain.

phu quoc island pepper farm

Vuon Tien Duc Thanh (Pepper Farm)

Phu Quoc Pepper plantations that is ope to the public, one of many found on the island.

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Jeep Tours

Phu Quoc Jeep Tours are a unique way to see the islands fantastic countryside and jungle landscape.  Some operators will even allow guests to drive.  Jeep rentals are also available for the DIY types.

phu quoc dog racing

Phu Quoc Ridgeback Dog Racing

Just north of the airport lies a Phu Quoc Ridgeback Dog conservation


Pearls, leather goods, local handicrafts, pepper and fish sauce products can all be found in Duong To, and much to visitors delight most of these shops accept all the major credit cards however cash is always preferred.

pearl farming on phu quoc

Quoc An Pearl Shopping Mall

Located in the interior of Duong To in Suoi May hamlet just off of highway DT47, Quoc An Pearl Shopping Mall is a place to not only buy pearl jewelery but also learn about how pearls are harvested on the island. You can also buy Phu Quoc Pepper and dried fish products here.
long beach center phu quoc

Long Beach Center

A colorful resort shopping building that has pearl shops, a restaurant, a decent coffee shop, and a place where you can exchange foreign currency.  There is also a lavish karaoke club if you wish to sing with your friends.

phu quoc airport

Phu Quoc Airport Kiosks

The Phu Quoc International Airport also has a great selection of local products for sale, but they are priced a bit higher than at other places found around the island. If you are a last minute shopper or forgot to buy something check out the stores near the departure gate before boarding your flight back home.

Where to eat

Duong To has plenty of street food, local restaurants that serve traditional Vietnamese dishes, ice cream and coffee shops galore, and upscale restaurants found at the major beach resort complexes.  From Indian food to Sushi, it can all be found here in Duong To.

food court in duong to phu quoc

Holiday Sense Phú Quốc

For those indecisive visitors, there is a food court complex located on 88 Tran Hung Dao Street that features numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Indian food in Phu Quoc

Ganesh Indian Restaurant

Great for vegetarians and those who do not like seafood or Vietnamese dishes.  If you have traveled the world and tried Indian food at other places, you may be disappointed here as the flavors are not bold.  This could be because the spices have been altered for tourists or simply lack of access to fresh ingredients.


Given that Duong To region is where most of the resorts and hotels are located on Phu Quoc Island, we’ve highlighted a select few below that meet or exceed customers’ expectations.  Listings have also been segmented by being north or south or the Phu Quoc International Airport.

North Long Beach

la veranda phu quoc resort pool

Mövenpick Resort Phu Quoc

The Mövenpick Resort Phu Quoc is a fully integrated (Vietnam's first) beach-front luxury hotel complex located right on Ong Lang Beach. This luxurious and well designer resort has 250 hotel rooms, 100 residences and villas with pools. The Mövenpick Resort Phu Quoc is a unique resort that also features a shopping village, water park and lagoon-style pool, destination spa, beach side wedding and special events, 1,000-square-meter convention area, amphitheater, cooking school, beach club, kids club, water sports center, fitness center and an adventure and team building activity course for businesses.

luxury salinda resort on phu quoc island

The Sea Sense Resort Phu Quoc is a boutique resort that has gorgeous beach front extending from Ong Lang Beach, just north of Duong Dong Town. Its collection of suites, villas, and excellent restaurant make it a resort apt for both business and leisure.  The friendly staff are ready to assist you with virtually all your needs during your stay and offer that touch of genuine opulence that you get at Sea Sense Resort. An expansive swimming pool serves as a centerpiece surrounded by villas, each boasting a wealth of Vietnamese art and inspired designs.

sheraton phu quoc resort

The Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort by Starwood Hotels is a unique resort on Phu Quoc Island as it is designed to blend in with the surrounding vegetation and incorporate the environment in its architectural. We love this resort because it is designed with sustainability in mind, efficient use of energy and natural resources, and quite frankly its earthly ambiance. In 2016 the designers even won the highly coveted "Green Era Award" in recognition of its outstanding sustainable practices and environmental achievements. Located in the southern section of Long Beach, The Sheraton Phu Quoc hotel and resort complex is a 380,000 square feet structure and has all the typical amenities expected of a luxurious five star resort complex. If you want to be one with nature, we highly recommend this resort.

richis beach resort phu quoc
The Richis Resort is one of the best value high end 4 star resorts on Phu Quoc. Located right on Long Beach, this resort has everything to make your holiday on the island a pleasant. Two standouts are its massage/spa service and its gorgeous heart shaped swimming pool located right behind the sea The walk from your room to the spa, pool, or beach area is beautifully landscaped and the staff at Richi's are awesome as they will go out of their way to accommodate you. This resort is quite popular with foreigners and we highly recommend it.
mercure resort phu quoc

The Mercury Phu Quoc Resort features 73 spacious villas, 2 bars, 2 tennis courts, a fabulous restaurant, swimming pool and spa with sauna and Jacuzzi facilities.  The Mercury is very close to the Phu Quoc International Airport and situated on Long Beach, but a more remote section of Long Beach and closer to the Sonsea Entertainment complex.  Stay at the Mercury if you like beach side pool and spas while feeling like you have the island to yourself

South Long Beach

intercontinental phu quoc resort sky bar

Intercontinental Phu Quoc

The Intercontinental Phu Quoc Resort is a new massive (9.19 hectares) ultra luxurious five star resort complex that has 339 rooms, 115 apartments, and 5 luxury villas.  This resort is part of the Phu Quoc Marina complex consisting of many newer resorts, villas, apartments, sailing club, amusement park and shopping malls.  What we love about the Intercontinental Phu Quoc Resort are its many infinity pools and the 20th floor rooftop where you can watch gorgeous ocean sunsets.

The Novotel Phu Quoc Resort is an absolute stunner! This gorgeous resort located just minutes from the airport is one of the best 5 stars we have seen and it is the first internationally managed five star resort on Phu Quoc. There are 366 rooms, 80 family rooms, 40 villas, 2 full restaurants, 3 bars, tennis courts, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and the list goes on and on. What we love about the Novotel Phu Quoc is the fact that it has not one but two large pools, one close to the main hotel complex and the other near the beach. Popular with Swedish, Singaporean, and Korean travelers, the Novotel Phu Quoc exudes luxury relaxation at a reasonable cost.

Novotel Phuquoc resort

Strategically located between culture rich Duong Dong Town and the islands popular white sand beach Bai Sao,  Muong Thanh Luxury Phu Quoc Hotel is a great choice, especially with those who have adventurous family members.  The rates also very low considering what the resort has to offer.

sol beach house phu quoc

The Sol House Phu Quoc Resort by Melia is a spacious and luxurious four star hotel/resort located on Long Beach that has with 260 rooms, 26 villas and bungalows, a spa, two different dining spaces, a beach bar, a swimming pool and a beach sport center.  It is a full service hotel that prides itself on offering its guests plenty of activities on site.  What we love about this place is that all rooms face the ocean and the setting sun and also their OLA Beach club, a new bar/club located right on the beach!





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Eat & Drink

Gallery of contemporary arts – located near Ong Lang Beach, this art gallery also doubles as a bar and restaurant.