Suối Tiên Fairy Stream

Suối Tiên, Phú Quốc

The Fairy Stream (also known as Suoi Tien, Tien Stream or Painting Stream) is a small stream and forested area located in the northern Ham Ninh Village section at the base of the Ham Ninh Mountain range.  The Fairy Stream is one of Phu Quoc's less developed ecotourism site and as such it is far less crowded than the popular Suoi Tranh Stream and Da Ban Stream, both of which have similar ecological characteristics and also located near the Ham Ninh Mountain Range.

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Fairy Stream

Commune: Ham Ninh | Recommended Time:  2 hr

The Painted Stream

The Story Behind The Name “Fairy Stream”:

Local legend has it that a Vietnamese lumberjack had been lost in the forest for several days and had been extremely dehydrated.  He was trying to find a water source or risk dying. Luckily he found a fresh water stream and while trying to get some water to satisfy his thirst, he saw beautiful fairies bathing in the stream and he named this stream “Fairy Stream”.

How To Get To Suoi Tien Stream:

The Suoi Tien stream is located north of Rach Ham in Ham Ninh Commune on the way to Bai Cay Sao, Da Chong Ferry Port, and Bai Thom via Highway TL 48.   You can also get to to the Suoi Tien Stream from Duong Dong Town but it is much more difficult.  It is best to refer to the map found here or Google Maps for exact directions.

See & Do:

  • Nature : The natural forested area has a meditative effect on people.  After your moment of “Zen” has worn off, explore the area and look for toads, wild orchids, ginseng, and even myrtle fruit trees.
  • Waterfall: There are a series of small waterfalls in this area which you can also see.
  • Picnic – Pack a lunch and have a picnic on top of one of the giant flat boulders, like a lot of locals do.  Please pick up all your trash though.
  • Soak – You can soak in the Fairy Stream to cool off, however you cannot swim as the water level is too low.
  • Explore Nature – wild orchids, fresh water crab and shrimps, and more await you.

Need to know:

Local residents use the stream as a water source and for bathing/soaking.  It is not as spectacular as Tranh Stream and definitely “off the beaten path” however if you enjoy exploring natural landscapes then Phu Quoc's Suoi Tien Stream may be perfect for you.  The surrounding area is teeming with beautiful plants and small animals.  If you have only a few days on the Island then we suggest you save the Fairy Stream for another time.

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The Fairy Stream in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Article Name
The Fairy Stream in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Review of the Fairy Stream, Suoi Tien, located on Phu Quoc Island.